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Re: Malden Minor League Baseball Stadium

Originally Posted by Equilibria View Post
This may or may not be a realistic plan (it's much more likely to be an Independent League team than a AA team, IMO), but I'd love to see the Sox pull the rest of their minor league affiliates into New England. It doesn't make sense to have the new recruits down in VA and SC, though it is nice that they all start in Lowell.

Worcester could certainly use the downtown boost from a stadium. Malden wouldn't be a horrible idea either. The site certainly has good transit access...
Worcester has a baseball stadium that is older than Fenway, and where Ted Williams hit his first home run wearing a Red Sox uniform. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played there, and Casey Stengal coached the Brooklyn Dodgers in a game there.



The Splendid Splinter at bat in Worcester.
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