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Proposed Malden Minor League Baseball Stadium | Malden

I heard about it just about an hour ago from a couple people, following the Bike to the Sea 2011 event. They claimed a AA minor league stadium was going to be built on a national grid lot in Malden Center, I was pretty surprised that I hadn't heard of this. I can't find anything here, but I did pull this up from Google:

- Malden Center
- National Grid's 9-acre lot (parking facility, primarily)
- Privately financed by "Boston Field of Dreams"
- $30-35 million
- 6,000 seats, with provisions for potential to increase to 8,000 or 9,000
- Potential elevated walkway linking Malden Station to the stadium

EDIT: I'm assuming this isn't very close to being ready for shovels, but I'm not sure how far along it is.
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forget it ever happening, its too great an idea.
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