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Re: Tall Building Fetish and Forum Post Quality

Originally Posted by F-Line to Dudley View Post
.........I'll say it again: this is how online communities die......
Here are a few reasons why this one won't die so soon.....

One Dalton
South Station Tower
North Station podium/complex
Congress Street Garage complex
Winthrop Square
Never ending stream of Seaport projects
Massive MIT surge in Kendall
GE Headquarters
North Point buildout

Those alone should carry this place through 2020 and beyond. Throw in 1 Bromfield, Harbor Garage, Air Rights Parcel (12? the 600'+ one) plus everything else going on and the interest will be there indefinitely. People will still want the pictures and other construction updates, regardless of their personal feelings about specific posters here. This forum will thrive as long as Boston continues to.
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