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Re: Amazon HQ2 RFP

Heres a different version of the rendering thats been posted before but without any of the lettering and words covering up a lot of it. It also had a drawn outline of the skyline, here its just a picture of what it would actually look like from the air.

Diff angle just for ref to the first:

I don't think this site is as bad as people say. It has our most modern rail transit line running directly up the side of the site and it gives them plenty of space to build an entire campus while still being very close to the downtown of a city. You don't get many chances to be able to build this much, this close to to a cities core. Northpoint is another example but that is rare also, were just in a good position right now that we have these two open sites. Its actually pretty similar to Silicon Valleys placement from San Jose. This gives them their own entire campus while still being very close to downtown and Cambridge and they also have a little but of separation as well where they can kind of do their own thing but be right there at the same time.

It makes Amazon its own destination while still being close and accessible. I wouldn't even worry so much that the area surrounding the campus isn't the greatest place in the world, because this campus is huge and other renders show an outdoor performance theater, a pond, landscaping, parks, ocean views, ocean access, restaurants...etc. Hell your even right next to the beach for some of that cali, but for real these techy people like to be able to surf and go kite surfing and things like that so even though its Revere beach it still counts haha. In the upper portion of the lower pic they even get pretty close to the river so maybe a water taxi would be another viable transportation mode. Then with Logan right there the big whigs coming into town don't have to sit through Ted Wiliams traffic and then downtown mania with our wacky street layout. Idk I think were writing this site off too quick when its really not bad, in my eyes.

Take this pic for example. Theres a park outside, a pond, and what looks to be the performance theater. Its basically its own mini city so its really all inclusive and its not that big of a deal what surrounds it as long as its close to downtown-which it is. Even then I don't think Eastie is thaat bad and they can go for some Santarpios or to piers park for an oceanfront park with skyline views for lunch.

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