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Re: Top 10 Reasons Boston Rocks

Originally Posted by bakgwailo View Post
Super rich? You should tell that to everyone making the median income in Dot, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Rozzie, etc.
The Medium Real Estate prices on the North Shore are falling into 500,000--1Million--Price range
Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Everett, Eastie, Charlestown, Malden, Arlington Lexington
Winchester, Wakefield, Stoneham, Melrose

I expect a housing frenzy this year in buying houses in Boston. The market is in Super Bubble mode with low interest rates for a decade.

I'm not sure how your average worker with a family that makes America run can afford to live in Boston anymore with average rents exceeding 2000 a month for 2 bedroom anywhere near the surrounding city.

Expect the same for those area's you quoted for Housing Dot, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Rozzie,---Should rise dramatically this year.
Boston become very unaffordable for the middle-class family at this point.

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