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Re: Imagine Boston 2030

Originally Posted by JohnAKeith View Post
Re: growth

I seem to remember seeing three estimates: slow, medium, and high growth. I don't remember if the report picks one specifically and uses it in all of its analysis.

I agree that population growth will continue but actually disagree that it will reach the level you're saying. (Not that I couldn't be convinced.)

Not that the growth rates might be similar to yours, but I think the 2016 ACS estimate is wayyy off and that we didn't go from 617,594 to 673,184. I mean, they're the experts, but I just don't get the feeling that 56,000 more people are walking the streets with me or taking the buses (regardless of how crowded they always are). I wonder if we'd be seeing other effects of 56,000 people (versus a more-conservative number, like 25-30,000), like inflation or power outages or anything one could think of. (Certainly, our unemployment rate has gone down.)
I do not know if the alternative metrics are available, but remember we have opened up some pretty dramatic new areas of the city with significant development. All the extra people are not necessarily there in the same old neighborhoods -- they are spread out through new neighborhoods as well. This might be why you don't "feel" them around. There are more places for them to be.
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