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Originally Posted by Tombstoner View Post
I can't help but think that Pittsburgh is almost an ideal site for Amazon--two powerhouse universities in the new Global Rankings Top 50 with many smaller ones (not on par with Boston, but top-notch nonetheless--CMU is an engineering and robotics leader), Pitt/CMU grads would love to stay but the current tech economy while robust is not as big as it needs to be to keep them, VERY affordable in every respect compared to every other city mentioned, mammoth, underused (but very state-of-the-art) airport, geographically positioned within two hours flight time to most the East Coast, South and Midwest, strong--and growing stronger--millennial vibe and good culture scene, Amazon would be the undisputed big fish in a middle-sized pond, lots of develop-able steel mill sites in town...

Downsides: mediocre public transport, not-so-balmy-winters.

Boston is alluring in many ways, but Pittsburgh could be a dark horse.
I'm not going to get into what city would be best, but I think not locating on the Acela Corridor would be a big mistake. In a lot of ways "BosWash" is one big city and the advantages of this interconnectivity shouldn't be overlooked.

Also keep in mind that Bezos graduated from Princeton, spent time on Wall Street, and owns a home/Washington Post in DC.
"You cannot take in a whole Boston street with a single glance of the eye and then lose your interest because you have thus taken the edge off future discovery; on the contrary, every step reveals some portion of a building which you could not see before, some change in your vista, and some suggestion of pleasant variety yet to come, which not only keeps your interest alive but heightens it and persuades you to go on."
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