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Originally Posted by Jouhou View Post
I think it's more of a good thing if you're in an industry that benefits. I already voiced my concern about this- rent.
How would this not be a massive benefit to the Boston area?

1) Increased tax revenue from property and income tax
2) Around 50,000 high-paying jobs that create a great opportunity for talented locals
3) Likely over 100,000 service-oriented jobs to support the new Amazon employees. This provides additional opportunity for less talented/educated locals
4) Money towards public benefits. These sorts of deals always have sweeteners attached e.g. Red-Blue connector.

What you mention about rent is not a given. Sure, it could happen if Boston does not do anything to change its course. But if we were to loosen restrictions and build more densely in key areas, adding an additional 50,000 units to our current growth is not unrealistic.
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