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Re: Amazon HQ2 RFP

I was keen on Baltimore, but Maryland and DC are not an academic hub producing hordes of software and engineering graduates.

Amazon's low retention employment model sees employees as a disposable commodity. For that to work, employees have to leave with great frequency for a lateral or upward position elsewhere. And the local labor market has to be able to support and absorb all the comings and goings at Amazon, wherever Amazon is such a dominant employer.

Google set up a 3,000-4,000 person office in Seattle, primarily to poach from Amazon. (Google pays more)

Years ago, when on a rotating internship where I first worked, we were tasked with hiring 90 electrical engineers with a certain, narrow skill set. When looking for these engineers, one of the hiring criteria was that an engineer had to have gotten his degree within the last five years; older than that, and his 'thinking' was obsolete. As I now look at what seems to be Amazon's employment model, I am beginning to think times haven't changed.
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