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Re: Amazon HQ2 RFP

Originally Posted by odurandina View Post
^^i can't see Pittsburgh in any way filling the long list of requirements. i can not see anyone but Chicago, New York, Boston, or Philadelphia (no particular order) capable of filling 'the list.'

+Baltimore. With all the newspapers speculating, I would say the Washington Post would have the most input and inside knowledge. And the article I read said something to the effect of "note to Bezos- consider Baltimore" and the city does satisfy their requirements. It's a good bargain bin alternative to DC.

Originally Posted by JohnAKeith View Post
Why isn't everyone more excited about this??! You're all being too staid. (staid?)

This is the Big One. This is the IndyCar, Olympics(tm), and downtown stadium, all rolled into one package except in this case, everyone wins instead of everyone losing!

I think it's more of a good thing if you're in an industry that benefits. I already voiced my concern about this- rent.
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