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Originally Posted by JohnAKeith View Post
Why isn't everyone more excited about this??! You're all being too staid. (staid?)

This is the Big One. This is the IndyCar, Olympics(tm), and downtown stadium, all rolled into one package except in this case, everyone wins instead of everyone losing!
I'm certainly excited; I'm just retaining it until a location is definitely announced. If Amazon were to come to Boston, I wish for a high profile architect to design a building of high value* in the heart of downtown. I feel Amazon may have given NBBJ a low budget based off what was built in Seattle. The rainforest spheres are certainly cool, but from what I've seen, the rest of the buildings going up are dull boxes with random stripes of color.

*High value does not necessarily mean a flashy starchitect creation


Regarding location, if I had to choose my top two, I'd either go with 1) State Services Center, Bulfinch Xing, and Causeway as others have brought up or 2) South Station.
Right now I'm leaning toward SST. It's currently permitted for construction, and if/once the post office relocation deal & SSX is set in place (could be expedited by Amazon), a ton of land opens up for mixed-use (primarily office) development. From there, it could expand across the Fort Point into the Seaport, possibly bringing new pedestrian bridges that have been theorized before, and/or down toward Dot. Ave./widdett. Either way, there's a ton of space for development near S.S. with what I believe there to be very little pushback from neighbors, since there are very few of them. Not to mention, it would literally be on top of a transit hub, which is one of what I would assume is one of the more important requirements in their RFP. FWIW, it'd also be slightly easier to get to Logan from S.S. than Bulfinch/N.S.

For Suffolk Downs, I'm concerned about the (understandable) cries of gentrification if Amazon were to move there. That's a lot of high-paid tech workers moving into the area.

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