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Sincere question: why should Amazon care about Illinois' fiscal crisis? Could they not, essentially, cut a deal that amounted to a state-with-a-state and a city-within-a-city? If the solution is corporate tax increases and pension cuts Amazon would seem to be able to get a waiver (from the tax) or not care.

U Chicago and Northwestern U etc function this way. O'Hare and Midway function as self-financing, self-defending fiefdoms within Chicago's government. Seems like much of what the RFP asks for is already (or in contracting can be) insulated from state-level dysfunction.

Whether Florida or Olrando ever got their act together, Disney got itself the powers of a municipality within Orange County FL as the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Is there something wrong with Illinois that smart lawyers cant isolate Amazon from?
1) Who makes the proposal to Amazon? The governor? The legislature? Just the mayor with zero tax breaks from the state? Dysfunction is dysfunction. Eventually it catches up to everybody doing business there. The govt of Illinois is at war with each other. Why would you want to get in the middle of that? Who in the state can keep their word to you?

2) Lets say Amazon does carve out its own deal. Unless its a constitutional amendment, there's nothing stopping a future administration desperate for money reneging or changing the deal. Once the HQ is up and running, moving 50,000 people will cost huge dollars. This is one of the reasons why GE bailed on CT as they perceived (rightly or wrongly) that they were going to get soaked in order to close the state's budget gap. IL is in a lot worse shape than CT.
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