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Re: General MBTA Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jahvon09 View Post
Here's a clip from on the future of the Ashmont / Mattapan Line;

"On several occasions, the MBTA has proposed to replace the PCC streetcars either with newer trolleys or with buses, and has met with substantial community opposition on each occasion. The FY2017-FY2021 Capital Investment Plan, approved by the MassDOT board in June 2016, allocated $9 million to the line including $3.7 million for maintaining the PCC cars. The plan also allocates $5 million for "PCC Car Replacement-Alternative Service" which will be used for future funding should an alternate form of transportation be decided upon.[16] In 2017, MBTA began a $7.9 million project to overhaul the trollies and update the propulsion systems, but further problems such as fluctuations in power damaged the four operating trains in early 2018.[17][18] On February 5, 2018 it was reported that eight more trollies were going to re-enter service in 2019, the fixes will prolong the lifespan of the trains by another 7 to 8 years.[19] The MBTA also announced that it is studying alternatives again to running trolleys, draft recommendations are planned to be completed by the Spring."
Which is... everything we have already discussed here?
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