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Re: Additional lane on the Southeast Expressway

Originally Posted by Ron Newman View Post
They're occasionally useful, but not worth the space they take up in crowded urban areas. Storrow Drive gets it right -- an occasional turnout every mile or two.
It's just so lovely during rush hour when someone breaks down. And instead of having a breakdown lane to head into, out of the way, they have to sit and take up a whole lane. The ensuing traffic backup is always nice.

In a perfect world, the SE Expressway would have 4 full travel lanes in each direction, a breakdown lane in each direction and reversible HOV lanes, 2 of them, that can be altered depending on the time of day. This would run from the SS Plaza all the way into the Pike exit.

Also, not sure if the plans call for it, but eliminating the need for the Braintree branch to go elevated so the commuter rail can go underneath and switch would be nice. The entire stretch from there to Andrew is slow and painful.
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