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Re: Additional lane on the Southeast Expressway

the CA/T project improvements have made I-93 a comparatively more attractive route than I-95 in the eyes of many drivers. For these reasons, between 2006, after the completion of the CA/T project, and 2010, a slowing of travel speeds and a lengthening of peak-period queues have been observed on the Southeast Expressway.
Hey what do you know: induced demand at work.

So, this is how it goes:
  1. Build massive highway.
  2. Drivers attracted to highway begin to clog up access roads.
  3. Propose more highways and/or widenings of existing ones.
  4. Repeat.

They didn't put a price tag estimate on it, but after skimming the document and the appendix, I think it's easily going to run into the billions.
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