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Re: Charlie Card/MBTA Fare Replacement system

Originally Posted by jass View Post
If the MBTA rolls this out like SEPTA, it will be like stepping back to 2006.

If the MBTA rolls it out like a competent European agency, this will be great.

Any bets on which end result we will get?
MBTA isn't doing most of the work, Cubic is and they have an performance based contract that requires they maintain the system for 10 years.

Originally Posted by AmericanFolkLegend View Post
Thanks for the info HelloBostonHi. Any idea what's going on with the procurement delays? I understand RFPs were supposed to go out to the short-listed bidders months ago.
RFPs for what? Cubic and John Liang were awarded the contract for AFC 2.0 months ago.

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