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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by Max View Post
Interesting to note that the VA is looking to relocate out of 144 Fore Street:

I believe that would leave only one other tenant in that complex. With the new WEX building on one side, and a proposal for a major redevelopment of 100 Fore Street on the other, I wonder if 144 Fore Street gets torn down, turned into parking, or otherwise redeveloped in some other way?
Seems like their minimum parking requirements would make anywhere on the peninsula basically impossible. I also don't fully understand why they can't be near railroad tracks, seems to be no reason other than making it harder for themselves.

144 Fore would be a difficult lot to develop given its odd shape and the development around it. It willl be hemmed in by WEX on one side and a parking garage on the other (former hamilton marine building) and of course the future Moutfort st. extension.
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