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For Boston or Philly to get the Oylmpics the following needs to happen Transportation wise....otherwise there will be headaches...

Electrifying and Upgrade the South Station Division for the sake of faster and higher capacity Rail , you could have some of the games in Quincy
Extend Blue Line to Lynn , which could host the Aquatics events
Extend the Blue line to Charles/MGH for Capacity upgrades
Extend the Green Line up to Somerville , put some of Soccer events and a new Soccer stadium up there maybe Boston could host the World cup or Pan America games
Build the New NEC to NYC , reduce times to 96mins....that will increase the chances of getting the games
Improve bus service along heavily used corridors

Extend the Board Street Subway to Naval Yard where the games could be held
Expand and Restore Regional Rail to Reading , Allentown , West Chester , Newtown , New Hope and Coatesville this will less the Interstate traffic problems during and after the games in general
Build the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway , this will relieve Congestion along US 1 which would be hellish if the games were hosted in Philly
Restore Trolley routes , 23 , 56 , 6 , Waterfront , 60 , 103 and a few City Branch this would reduce the strain on the most crowded bus routes which if the games were held would all but grind to a halt
Upgrade the NEC between Philly and NYC reduces travel times to 35mins which would make Phily very attractive...
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