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Re: A-Line Reactivation

I was told once that the MBTA was trying to kill off the 64 bus (which serves N.Beacon). They certainly appear to be trying to do so, with 30-60 minute headways on it.

Imagine what it would actually mean to restore the A Line through Brighton Center? You'd rip of the road, tighten the road lanes, and remove parking. Then you would have to rezone the area which would mean more people and more cars
No it wouldn't. It's bad enough when NIMBYs come to meetings and complain about any new development because "it'll bring more people into the neighborhood and that means more cars." If that were true, then the North End would be covered with cars piled 10-deep. The whole point of bringing rapid transit back to this corridor is to cut down on the number of car trips needed. Brighton is no more suburban than Dorchester or Jamaica Plain, where the Red and Orange lines go.
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