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Re: Berkshire Rail Service Restoration

“Studies have shown that a Berkshire County rail connection to New York City would be a winner, with more than one million rides annually,” said Secretary Davey. “This purchase and the initial upgrades in the line represent historic steps toward improved access to the Berkshires for tourists and residents alike.”
So is this just PR BS? I for one see the need for a Berkshire-NYC trip as most of the area is a playground for New Yorkers anyway. What if there was an express train from GCT to Danbury (a couple trips a day at most)? Considering the route parallels Rt7 and most of the development and population resides along the historic railroad corridor it would seem to be simple to convert drivers to riders. Granted I'm leaving politics out of it but it would seem to me to be an idea that, at the very least, could grow in popularity as the tracks are restored and residents see the potential.
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