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Re: Portland Bayside

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Sorely needed, more Avesta housing. Was at the new 4 story Passive House unveiling across the street from the project proposal and the housing authority rep lamented the fact they should be building more units. He said they have over 7,000 people on the waiting list! What is the BFD about building something taller? In 1960's PHA built 16 story Franklin "Towers." Why not double this 6 story height to 12 or 14 stories? So many more people could get an affordable apt. It's the Maine way, that's why, and that way is to do things half-ass, half way. Hate that mindset. It's weak, lame, looser. Like the new civic center. They can't have some shows because ceiling too low and capacity too small. Come on, will somebody grow some b-a-l-l-s here. The city is growing, not shrinking.
I don't think I could ever see Avesta or Portland Housing Authority building taller than 6-8 stories. In the past 20 years most low income housing developers have moved away from highrise "projects" style housing for a number of reasons. The future of affordable housing is something similar to PHA's redevelopment plan for Front Street. Smaller townhouse style buildings that are safer, easier to manage, and better for the residents, who often rely on neighbors and community services.

That being said, the Midtown site is probably one of the best sites in the city for 10-15 story buildings, but the question is whether there is a market to justify that kind of investment. Midtown is dead because 440 new Market Rate apartments would be risky in Portland right now. 150-200? Sure. but definitely not 400 least not right now.

That site would be best used now as a mixed-use development, which Federated hinted at over a year ago, but we haven't heard a single peep from the developer since October 2016, so its safe to assume that Federated is cutting their losses and moving on. There's still plenty of demand for housing, office space (particularly medical office space) and event space, but Federated is just the wrong developer for Portland's new market.

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