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Re: Assembly Sq <-> Casino Footbridge

Originally Posted by Uncivil_Engineer View Post
Doesn't look like there's a lot of room to cram in an extra bridge level for crossing the western ramps. There could still be a footbridge with switchbacks for crossing Mystic Ave., but I feel that would be greeted similarly to the Magazine Street footbridge in Cambridge: people still run across the road because it's the shortest path.

However, some traffic calming on the westernmost and easternmost crossings could probably go a long way - the Mystic Ave/93 ramp split could be shifted southeast of the crosswalk and Bailey Rd. could probably be narrowed slightly. The middle crossing would be harder to calm, as it's coming from the left lanes of the Fellsway straight onto the interstate, but the new signal for the U-turn immediately upstream might help to slow things down a bit.

In terms of the underpass itself, some better lighting and maybe some artwork would probably go a long way toward making it better. It looks like the north end will always be fairly constrained as long as the 93 ramps remain as they are, but I would agree that there's still plenty of room for relatively low-cost improvements.
What about a tunnel underneath the highway on ramps on the stop n shop side? Is that too sketchy? Too expensive? Everyone is saying up and over why not down and over?
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