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Re: The New Retail Thread

But 3/4 of you all keep saying [retail + eateries] in every other building (going up) like we're Manhattan.... which btw has insane density, rents possibly closer in line with income/s, a balance of retail/eateries and the workforce to fill them. i've had a suspicion retail/dining was at risk in Boston but maybe it's even worse than i'd thought.

Restaurants survive in no small measure by the quantity of liquor they can pour.

It may be time to adjust expectations and consider that Boston might not be so different, that the plight of the suburban retail market + eateries can't happen in the City as well. It's time to consider that, despite a relatively robust shopping for a host of retailers, the economics of Boston might be more precarious for retail than we previously thought.

i'm playing 'catch-up' to the possibility.
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