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Re: The New Retail Thread

Originally Posted by DBM View Post
Some thoughts about this failure:

1a.) The landlord, Ames Hotel, has had a lackluster career--at best--since inception. Developed at 2007 costs and opened in the 2009 market. Hilton's takeover a few years back was a flat-out rescue. Such a perennially shaky landlord surely couldn't have helped.

1b.) Woodward at Ames, then King Street Tavern, then Cultivar--3 joints failing in 9 years. See 1a.

2.) Non lunchspot (which is to say, restaurants that don't cater to office workers) thrive in clusters, as best I can judge. Nearby, you've got Faneuil Hall cluster to the north (leaving Durgin Park aside), then the rather large Theater District/Ladder District/Chinatown agglomeration starting around Yvonne's and heading all the way south to Stuart St. area. But Ames was more or less on an island (more on that later).

3.) During the weekends, with exceptions, the surrounding neighborhood is a dead zone. Center Plaza, Government Center--that's a vast Friday night--Sunday night wasteland. That couldn't have helped.

4.) But, you say, Oceanaire has thrived across the street for years? Well, who knows if it has actually thrived. But one thing we do know: it enjoys having a massive "sugar daddy" corporate parent.

5.) In stark contrast, Cultivar was very much indie.

What else? Just some preliminary thoughts there...
It's interesting--I work near there and desperately miss Hillside as the place I would go for a fancy, pick me up lunch. Good, dependable food, great service were a given there. Cultivar was the logical successor but the food always struck me as not as good as the price (other than the freshly grown salad, which was great). And overly complex design (like they kept switching designers and just adding random stuff instead of starting over) was off putting.
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