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Re: Hotel Project (Current Shell Station) | 1241 Boylston St | Fenway

Originally Posted by jass View Post
Yes please, we get the same two people insisting that the average Red Sox customer is disabled, has 7 kids, lives in northern Maine, and has been diagnosed with an allergy to public transit.
We also have the people saying that cars are evil all parking is bad. No development should ever have any sort of parking.

And my argument isn't that we need parking. My argument is that the economics of the area support parking. And it's not just disabled people or people out of commuter rail range, there is also wealthy people from Weston, Lexington, Belmont, etc who find that it takes half of the time to drive in versus what it would take using commuter rail.

Although one thing that does reduce the need for parking slightly is Uber. For people inside of 128 it can often be the same price or cheaper to just take an Uber. Plus you don't have to worry about drinking and driving.

Still though, if lots are charging 50 bucks a game and are filling up, there is a market to add parking to the bottom of new developments in the area.

Ok i'm taking this thread totally off of the rails. Maybe the mods should move it lol.

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