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Re: Hotel Project (Current Shell Station) | 1241 Boylston St | Fenway

Originally Posted by tysmith95 View Post
This parking isn't reducing housing units. It's underground parking not mandated by zoning laws that replaces the surface parking that the gas station lot acts as during events. In fact they're taking surface parking (during games and gas station during all other times) and turning it into apartments.
Space that isn't used for cars could be used for people here. The parking for this building is for hotel guests, not game days. They have to build a certain amount of parking for a hotel-use per zoning. There is no obligation to continue to provide spaces for Fenway events, that was just a money-maker for the former property owner.

Originally Posted by FenwayResident View Post
There's no opportunity cost to building these parking spaces - it's not like they decided to build a parking garage instead of 200 residential units. Instead of a basement garage there would have been some random hotel amenities and/or mechanical rooms. These parking spots are not costing the neighborhood anything.
It's the monetary cost of building the garage/parking that causes the issues for the developer and leads to higher priced units to make up for it. That's the cycle that the 'anti-car" people here have a problem with.
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