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Re: Partial Cloverleaf Interchanges: US-1 / I-495

One interchange that I think would probably benefit from the partial cloverleaf configuration is the US-1 / I-495 interchange in Plainville: delete the existing I-495 westbound to US-1 southbound ~270 degree loop (and the I-495 eastbound to US-1 northbound loop).

Counting the southbound lanes of US-1 from right to left, assuming 3 southbound lanes immediately south of Madison St, lane 1 would then go to I-495 westbound only, lane 2 to I-495 eastbound only, lane 3 would continue on US-1 to the south (possibly also with an option to get on to I-495 eastbound after events at Foxboro Stadium), and lane 4 would collect traffic from I-495 westbound continuing to US-1.

I'm also wondering whether permanently reconfiguring US-1 from Foxboro Stadium to I-495 to be one lane northbound, three lanes southbound would make sense, if it only sees high traffic volumes right after major events at the stadium.
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