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Rudolph's NYC townhouse gutted

The former New York City townhouse of American architect Paul Rudolph will go on the market next week for $18.5 million.
Kelvin Dickinson, president of the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation, said most of the interior materials and details were removed by the first owner after Rudolph’s death in 1997. However, the current owner worked with an architect to restore Rudolph’s legacy the best they could. Mansion Global could not identify the owner.

"The [townhouse] itself, the bones of it are still there, and it could be completely restored if someone wanted to spend the money and the care," Mr. Dickinson said. "You do feel the complexity that Rudolph put into it. I think it got put back as best as it could considering how much was removed."

The seven-story building was landmarked in 2010, according to city records, so the exterior cannot be renovated. As a result, the quadruplex penthouse that cantilevers over Beekman Place has remained in place, something Mr. Hettinger said would never be approved by the city today.

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