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Re: West Medford Station, etc

Originally Posted by Arlington View Post
I'm also convinced that the Green Line was never getting across the Mystic: The bridge work on the two spans (over the parkway and over the Mystic) was going to be too expensive.

If West Medford is ever going to get frequent transit, the money will be better spent on whatever it takes to put a 3-track tunnel under Route 60 for two side "NSRL" platforms and a center freight-clearance and express track. I don't see how you'd ever squeeze that and a two track GLX into West Medford Square.
If you start at the east edge of Mystic Valley Parkway and continue past the west edge of the Mystic River, it's less than 400' long, times two tracks of width.

If you're proposing to dig out two 800' platforms plus at least 800' for a center track, when tunnels are typically more expensive than bridges, I don't see how it would be at all likely that converting West Medford to surface Green Line with commuter rail / Amtrak / freight in a platformless two track tunnel would come out more expensive than your three track tunnel with depressed platforms. (I'm assuming this would mean that West Medford Station would no longer be a commuter rail stop with the Green Line stop there providing the replacement service.)

There's also the question of how many commuter trains per hour plus Amtrak trains per hour can be run between the Charles River and Woburn if we want every Acela serving Anderson Regional Transportation Center in the NSRL future, and having commuter rail stops without quad tracking gets to be challenging in that regard; if we could provide the local service with the Green Line extended out to Winchester and run the commuter trains express, they'd mix in better with Amtrak service.

And if there's going to be a NSRL-to-GLX transfer station somewhere, it seems like Tufts or Gilman or Washington St are better places.
Beyond that, for at least the useful life of the MVP station (til, what, 2065?) there are going to be more-deserving, more-receptive places to run a green line branch to places not slated for NSRL service, like beyond Riverside, or on the Urban Ring to Chelsea.
The key thing to think about for that commuter rail infill station is where to put it to best offer bus connections to Harvard, Kendall, etc. I suspect along the current 86 bus route may turn out to be best.
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