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Re: Fairmount Line Upgrade

Originally Posted by orulz View Post
Though it may be in a plan somewhere, is having heavy rail access to the port of Boston really that important to the city's, region's, and country's economic competitiveness? Given how the area around it is developing, having heavy freight trains rumbling through there would seem incongruous at best. There are numerous ports up and down the east coast with way better rail access; why can't things that require rail just ship out of those ports instead?
It's pretty useful. Also, what doesn't go by rail, goes by truck. I would much rather have 1 freight train go by than 100 trucks. And said trucks also fill up the roads throughout the Seaport (and the Haul Road - an argument against opening it up to cars to improve throughput in the Seaport)

To me, the days of Track 61 being under the purview of the FRA should be numbered at this point. Move toward abandonment.
Exactly what impact on development do you think Track 61 is having on development? Just about every lot adjacent to it already has a major project under construction or is built out fully.

Two Drydock (Parcel Q1) and the Omni Hotel across from the BCEC are already underway. Those lots are obviously not going to see any alterations for decades, so Track 61 is now irrelevant to the plans for those lots.

So you've basically got both sides of Pumphouse Road as the only remaining places to build where the track matters at all.
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