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Re: Emergency Closure of Bridge to (Boston's) Long island

Originally Posted by sm89 View Post
A lot of the people who are "pro-bridge" (not necessarily here, but in universalhub comments) seem to forget that $100 million is the capital cost of the bridge. There will also be long term costs for maintenance which might even be more than the cost for ferry service or whatever else they can come up with.

Please consider the City of Boston's track record for maintaining the bridges that it owns (the ones that aren't owned by the state):

1. Long Island Bridge: Had to be torn down.
2. North Washington St Bridge: "truck speed limit" due to vibrations, center span closure, debris routinely falling into river.
3. Northern Ave Bridge: They couldn't even keep it safe enough for pedestrians to cross. Will be torn down soon.
4. Sullivan Sq overpass: Had to be torn down.
5. Sullivan Sq underpass: Outer lanes closed due to failing sidewalls.
The problem here is that if they want to use Long Island, nothing short of a bridge is going to be acceptable, ferry service won't cut it.
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