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Re: Capitalism vs Not Capitalism

So would you consider the Italian, Irish, Jewish and Greek Immigrants that came over to our country White Nationalists?

The only thing that matters in America is if your can produce the GREEN. It doesn't matter what race you are. That's really not oppression if you have that type of skill and nobody will stop you unless you are generating the green considering if its in illegal actions.
The corporations run America whoever those shareholders are white, black, blue, red, green, Native America that who influence the laws. Yes. The Govt is corrupt but what Govt isn't throughout the world? Mexico

Massachusetts and California are in mega bubbles vs the rest of the states due to the concentration of Corporate Wealth focused in Silicon Valley and Cambridge Mass.

For the people on this board that just attack people without realizing everybody has a different view of the world based on their surrounding environment and family situation --- should be considered a feeble-minded or possibly brain washed to not be open minded to other people's points of view in such a complex world.

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