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Re: Dot Block | Dot Ave, Greenmount St, Hancock St | Dorchester

Originally Posted by FK4 View Post
I think Kane Square (around the corner), or this little intersection here, was an old trolley yard, so that might be why there's the odd rotary here and that other funny intersection where Hancock hits Bowdoin.

I actually think the rotary/circle would work well and should stay, it just needs some tightening up to slow people down.

Either way, this project will be a big win. Hopefully it will actually look nice, too.

Edit - looked at a 1933 map and this is great - the intersection pictured is Downer Sq, Hancock @ Bowdoin is Kane Sq, Adams @ Bowden is Eaton Sq, and the park is Dorchester Sq. I couldn't find for sure if there was a train garage, but either way, lots of streetcar routes ran thru here so I still think this is why the circles are like this.
Trolleys make a lot of sense as a cause. Wish we still had 'em.
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