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Re: The New Retail Thread

Originally Posted by BosDevelop View Post
Wayland has not voted to permanently ban recreational stores. The town-wide vote is not until spring 2019. Once again, is there a single example of "the rich towns banning marijuana" that anyone can point to? I don't believe it has happened. Not to say it never will but if the citizens of a town hold a valid vote and decide to ban the stores, so be it. There will end up being stores yards from their town lines (Framingham and Natick for example next to Wayland) and they will deal with all of the "negatives" without reaping any of the rewards (i.e. $).
My bad. I guess that explains why the signs are still up .

There is a thread on the Mass page on which tracks it. The forum starter, "wror", seems to be zealot who started one every time a town voted it down, which from what I can see on that site is at least Braintree, East Bridgewater and Whitman. I don't think any of those qualify under your criteria though. Anyway, he used to start a new thread for each town vote, but the mods/readers got sick of it and consolidated them here (there is like 50 pages if you want to read it):
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