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Re: Barry's Corner Art Gallery Decision Postponed

Originally Posted by BostonMike
Originally Posted by PaulC
Since when does Harvard owe the community free day care. Columbus Square is also suppose to have day care. Don't have a kid if you have better things to do that raise it yourself.
Where does the article say anything about "free" daycare? As for the second part of your comment, are you suggesting that people should only have children if one of the parents can stay home to raise the child? Anyone with children in daycare (either because of need or desire) shouldn't have a child? I think it's pretty unfortunate if you actually believe that.

Sorry to go off the topic, but there are certain things that I have trouble letting pass without comment.
Why should Harvard have to supply a day care and gym usage to be allowed to build on their own land?

I'm not against day care i'm against people who think it's an entitlement - that Harvard has a responsibility to supply it.
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