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Re: Whiskey Priest/Atlantic Beer Garden Redevelopment | 150 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

Im the last thing from a nimby and the whiskey priest is no marvel, but with acres of parking in all directions I really wish we could at least keep some of the character of the neighborhood here. Thats what I like about Boston is there will be all kinds of buildings mixed into each neighborhood. The seaport had a very limited amount of buildings here but why wipe out everything? I think once this place fills in the end result would have been much better if there was a mix of these new glass buildings with the old pieces of the neighborhood instead of just 200 glass boxes. Yeah the whiskey priest isn't amazing but thats the point it gives a neighborhood character.

That being said the render looks great I wish they would just move it to a parcel near by.
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