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Re: MBTA Bus & BRT

Originally Posted by tangent View Post
The MBTA could have an app that allowed people to enter their home address, work address and work schedule and from that you could create an optimal schedule for the upcoming week. Might take a while to run that, but it wouldn't take forever if you threw enough cloud computing resources at it. Worth a trial.
Yeah, nobody ever goes anywhere but between home and work on precisely the same schedule every day that they can predict for the next week.

Originally Posted by cozzyd View Post
The easy solution is to get rid of street parking for a bus / lane on that segment of Cambridge St. and to get rid of one of the travel lanes on Brighton ave, but that's obviously never going to happen...
We already fought off plans to get rid of the street parking for a third travel lane on Cambridge Street. That's what some of the car guys wanted, cause "Union Square is so congested!!". If the street parking goes, it's not being replaced by a bus lane, it's being replaced by a general travel lane, and all of the problems that brings. The city, thankfully, put their foot down and said that they're not ever going to consider it, as it's dangerous enough there as things stand.
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