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Originally Posted by FK4 View Post
That detour is nonetheless one of the most egregious of all MBTA tortures... I don't know that we should consider noisy Union Sq neighbors something that we should just accept as an insurmountable factor. Yes, a major problem exists in this region where there are long, streetcar suburb style, linear commercial nodes that mean that the very route that serves the most people also must traverse the most congested streets. But axing off a specific detour that makes everyone suffer just because a few people in Allston bitch is really not something we should accept from our MBTA. The general issues you point out notwithstanding, this is one example where the MBTA would do well with a technocratic leader who would override the squabblers in favor of implementing whatever changes needed to be made for faster service...
It's more than just a few people that use the stops in that segment.

In the Dudley-bound direction (inbound), the stop at Brighton Ave @ Cambridge St has 536 people getting on and 141 getting off each weekday.
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