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Originally Posted by JohnAKeith View Post
Well I'd love to at least see a full-throttled conversation about refactoring, especially if it's been 20-years since some routes have been analyzed.

I have often wondered, does the MBTA adjust schedules and # of buses based on changes to neighborhoods? (Serious question.) For example, the #9 is always packed between 7-9 and 4-7 (roughly). Has ridership gone up? Does anyone measure that? Did anyone think adding thousands of units of housing during the past decade would require more buses?

Again, I'm being serious, not just whining.
The MBTA has had a bi-annual service plan process for making changes to the bus network:

The process got postponed by the fare increase and service reductions that were implemented in 2012 and continues to be delayed.

The Route 9 has changed over the years, 40 years ago in 1975, the bus was scheduled in the morning rush hour to run every 8 minutes with 5 buses and only went as far as Broadway & Tremont St. Today it is scheduled to run every 5 minutes with 14 buses and continues all the way to Copley Sq.

Here is a link to the MBTA's 2012 route performance indicators:

since that table was generated, a few of the worse performing routes were discontinued (48, 355, and 500) or greatly reduced or altered (217, 439, 451)
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