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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Both the WEX and Idexx CEO's are on the record stating how hard it is to attract talent to Maine. I can't see a big problem attracting talent to work and live in Portland's peninsula, even with the lower salaries as compared to places in Boston -- especially for those under 40, as social activities and modern designed buildings important. Young people all over the world are leaving smaller towns for dynamic cities. When WEX and a few other buildings in that area are done, the East End will convey an exciting vibe. Did you know the Residence Inn by Marriott just spent over $2 million to renovate its lobby, restaurant, lounge and some of the rooms? They get it. They want to be the default place to stay for all those visiting WEX employees based in other countries. But Portland has to be even more aggressive getting companies to locate here. The companies will, if you give them the incentives.

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