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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by cneal View Post
Could be L.L. Bean. They've long had having trouble recruiting and retaining creative workers with their suburban HQ in Freeport (it's not even in the village), although the new METRO Breez route might be helping them. Plus, their current HQ office building is pretty dingy.

Of course, locating headquarters offices is a lot different than relocating the entire business. I've heard that WEX is keeping a lot of back-office jobs in South Portland even after they move into their new building on the waterfront.

For similar reasons I find it hard to believe any big company is going to pay a premium for new offices on Thompson's Point. It's got many of the same issues with most suburban campuses it's pretty isolated, with no place nearby to get coffee or even for a regular lunch and no good bike or pedestrian connections to the rest of the city. These companies relocating downtown are relying on significantly higher rates of walk/bike/transit commuting among their workers in order to offset parking costs, but that's gonna be a tall order on Thompson's Point.
I am told that LL Bean is going to be doing a major modernization/renovation of their HQ office in Freeport. It's in the final design phase right now and I believe it is suppose to start sometime in 2018. I am sure we will be reading about it in the coming months.
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