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Re: Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

Originally Posted by Cosakita18 View Post
Well as the article says, this lawsuit could be tied up for several years. Does that mean the entire Foreside Redevelopment is on hold?? Even the office and retail space??

It seems somewhat foolish to plan a major development around the outcome of a lawsuit in another city.
Perhaps not when investing a couple of hundred million dollars. The 3rd floor and higher condos for this project will have 3 oil tanker moorings directly blocking the view of Portland Headlight in the distance. You can see Portland Headlight from Eastern Prom, of course. These moorings would be quite active if this project goes through. Check out the line of sight on Google Maps. By the time this would finish, a Penthouse in Portland could be nearly 3 million (currently at 1.75 million) and you could buy a sweet house on the coast with that kind of coin.
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