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Re: Amtrak's $117 Billion Plan For High Speed Travel

Since these agencies are all state-run, they tend not to operate across state lines. SEPTA doesn't run into New Jersey; the NJ suburbs of Philadelphia are served by NJ Transit. NJ Transit doesn't run into PA or NY; the Port Jervis line of Metro North (on the western bank of the Hudson) uses NJ Transit track to get from Manhattan to that part of NY state via New Jersey, but doesn't stop there. Metro North trains from Grand Central to Connecticut are actually run by that state's DOT. Maryland's MARC serves DC, but doesn't extend into VA, which has its own commuter rail network.

The bottom line is that, while some state agencies run trains into other states, they do so on the basis of their own state population's needs (CT commuters need to get to NY) or form contracts to use each others' trackage like the rail systems of different countries in Europe would.
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