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Re: New residential mid-tower set for Pier 4

Originally Posted by stick n move View Post
The seaport is not going to get anything that can be as iconic as downtown could or the back bay. Everything is so short that it doesnt really matter.
Most of what characterizes the Back Bay is short, no? The Hancock and Pru and a cast of lesser buildings are in the Back Bay, but this probably isn't what most people think of when they talk about the Back Bay, is it?

Regardless of height, the pre-war characteristics of the Back Bay -- small plots, diversified architecture, good mix of residential, retail and office -- could have been applied here. But they weren't ... and when you have a neighborhood where every block is a building and every building is a block, the most you can hope for is that some of those buildings be eye-catching or interesting as you've got bad bones from the get-go.
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