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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by sidewalks View Post
TWhat happens if a rainshower strikes at 8 am? I've got a meeting at 9 and now my pants are covered in mud and my hair is soaked. I can see at most 10-15% adopting such a routine. They would be adventurous, die hard souls willing to brave the traffic, elements and inconvenience of bike commuting (carrying the bike inside, locking it up etc, dealing with theft).
Im not saying that everybody should sell their cars and get a bike. Cars and the T are great for rainy days, but on a day like today, why not ride a bike?

There are four kinds of people

- Those who cannot or will not ride a bike, even if payed to do so (eldery, ugg wearing girls who wouldnt be seen in a vehicle costing less than 25,000)
- Those who go to extreme efforts to bike, including spandex designed for blizzards
- Those, like yourself, who bike sometimes, but could be prodded to do so more often with infrastructure that could provide a safe direct route, guaranteed supervised parking and a place to wash up
- Those who dont consider biking but would with the above improvements + seeing others do it

I believe the last two groups make up the majority.

Weve been stuck in the same bad cycle. There's no infrastructure so there are no bikers. There are no bikers so there are no improvements. Biking is like public transport. The private car has been subsidized so heavily that it does take a large investment to make people realize that there are other, better alternatives to being stuck in traffic.

As for your last point, NYC is passing a law requiring all new buildings to provide indoor bike parking. We need this in Boston.

Originally Posted by PaulC View Post
I mentioned in my post about City Hall that in re-imagining it they should make it a city center. That includes showers and lockers for bike and personnel belongings. How about taking this one step further. When North Station and South Station and eventually Back Bay(the T talked about developing this site about 25yrs ago) are redeveloped add bike facilities.
Unfortunately the city wont be doing this do to budget reasons, but private groups should be encouraged to do so.
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