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Re: Biking in Boston

The density of development and streetscape in Amsterdam does not allow for efficient or timely movement by automobile. In Boston, the street pattern below is replicated only in the North End. Hence, in Amsterdam it is far more convenient to move about by bicycle. With an automobile you would simply be stuck in traffic. I would argue it is also far safer to move about on a bike in a city where cars can't travel faster than five miles per hour. But that's not the case in Boston. Jass, I intend no offense, but your desire to see significant percentages of the population bike into the central city from places like JP, Brookline and Cambridge, strikes me as naive. What happens if a rainshower strikes at 8 am? I've got a meeting at 9 and now my pants are covered in mud and my hair is soaked. I can see at most 10-15% adopting such a routine. They would be adventurous, die hard souls willing to brave the traffic, elements and inconvenience of bike commuting (carrying the bike inside, locking it up etc, dealing with theft). If 10% adopt such a routine that would be fantastic and I think we should make every reasonable effort to encourage such habits. But I don't think we should make such interventions when the measures will exacerbate already bad traffic situations on major arteries.

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