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Re: Biking in Boston


That's a very circuitous route that runs into the teeth of storrow drive traffic, especially at rush hour. It's not a route I would ever take. (I live and work not far from mass ave and travel to the south shore with regularity)

I'm sorry, but bikes are not and never will be a solution for more than 5% of the populace...especially in a cold weather climate like Boston. IMO pretending otherwise is simply naive.

Driving may not be a right but it's a reality. I have not suggested that we unduly accommodate automobiles. In fact, I would be in favor of a plan to put traffic lights on storrow drive to enable street level pedestrian crossings like those on the west side highway in lower manhattan. But I don't think we should tie ourselves in knots to accommodate bikes in all situations. There are times and places when the effort to include bike lanes is not worth the sacrifices that must be made.

Mass Ave through the south end is a narrow street to begin with. The sidewalks are too narrow for the street. Those should be widened before we even think about bike lanes.

Additional bike traffic on that street would be a hazard and less of a benefit than any additional sidewalk width that could be captured.
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