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Re: Biking in Boston

Originally Posted by sidewalks View Post
I don't understand why access to 90 East was never created from the Back Bay, but there is really no good way to get to 93 at this point in time.
I always felt it was a lost opportunity in that 90 goes thought the city but really doesn't serve the city. There currently is a task force working on adding entrances and exits to 90. They also need to add a connection between the Pike and Storrow Drive somewhere around Cambridge St. One of the issues I think the task force is discussing is access from the Pike to the Longwood Medical area. This would move a tremendous amount of Longwood and Fenway Park traffic off of Mass Ave, Then maybe Mass Ave can become a nice St. I drive and walk it all the time it's ugly as hell in the South End. There use to be tree lined malls with a path in the middle for several blocks on either side of Chester Sq.

I know one of the members of the task force, I try to pump him for info next time I see him.

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