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Re: Buildings I've designed.

1 Bromfield renders. The first you have to imagine as 3d, with glass that leans forward and backwards. The second is just a shear mass of black glass. I think the trump tower in NYC does this look well, the rectangular building of his on the east river. Theres too much blue glass these days I think a reflective black glass tower would look incredible. I know the last one would never happen but it would be really cool to get a black glass tower in the 780' range and then an spire or antenna on top that goes to 1000'. I don't care whether it "counts" what matters is if you can see a building in Boston from farther away. MT is like the hancocks little brother and it would be cool to have a Pru brother next to it with an antenna as well that fits the skyline perfectly.

This would have LEDs along the bracing and antenna that are lit at night. You have to view this tower as looking from the side and the glass angles inward and outwards.

screen shot

image hosting over 2mb

image hosting over 2mb

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