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Re: North-South Rail Link

Originally Posted by CSTH View Post
That all has minimal credibility. Consider: Bricks made from Boston Blue Clay would also be a nearly-worthless waste product. Does anyone really believe that failure to extract value from the dirt is the reason tunneling is expensive?
IIRC they may have said that hauling dirt away is normally 15%-20% of the total tunneling cost.

They seemed to be describing a slightly different brick making process than what is typically done, which may result in a higher quality product.

I've seen something claiming that asphalt is basically a waste product of gasoline production, and if that turns out to be true, asphalt for resurfacing roads may end up being a lot more expensive 10 years from now than it is today as demand for gasoline declines.

They didn't say anything that would lead one to believe that their bricks are likely to be especially good insulators, and I think for future construction of high quality homes in New England, insulation is going to be the key criterion in selecting building materials.
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